Our Story

It all started when our small flock of chickens were going through a molt (a period of not laying eggs). Our eldest daughter, who at the time was one, loved eggs in the morning and was pretty much her go to for breakfast. Since we were out of our own eggs, we went out one morning and bought eggs from our local chain grocery store. We gave our daughter a store bought egg for breakfast for the first time thinking it wouldn’t be any different. She took her first bite, frowned, spit it out, and said “No!” She refused to eat it. We were puzzled as to why she didn’t like it and soon realized it was because it was store bought. We ended up getting an egg from my brother’s flock and she devoured it with a smile on her face. We then realized that she could taste the difference between a fresh farm egg and a store bought egg. That’s when the idea of having our own farm was born.

We promised ourselves that we would not buy anymore eggs from the store. My wife and I decided to start the farm as a way for our daughters to have something in their name and a way to pay for their education in the future. We now raise over 2,000 chicks a year and help families start their own backyard chicken flock. Together we hope to reduce the amount of food trash waste, since chickens are a great option for kitchen scraps; and help you and your families have access to fresh, local, and free range eggs.